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2930 N Grand River Dr.

Lansing, MI 48906


Mon. - Fri.

7 am - 5 pm

About Us

We are a state-licensed, Better Beginnings Level 3 in-home daycare, accepting State vouchers.

As a faith-based daycare, we are committed to providing the very best early childhood experience and services to all families.


Parent Portal

We also participate in the USDA Food Program and offer 3 meals every day: breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.

*We honor all dietary restrictions and allergy requirements with a doctor's note.


Daily Experience

Children spend their day going through structured activities such as:

  • math,

  • puzzles

  • reading

  • writing centers

  • and more!



Enrollment in Little Miracles requires the following information:

  • Child's Personal Data Sheet

  • Medical Records

  • Immunization

  • Tuition/Fees

  • Verification Form

  • Sunscreen Permission Form

  • Policy and Procedures Agreement

  • Food Voucher Form

To make enrollment as easy as possible, we provide the BrightWheel online daycare application to our parents/guardians.


Click here to create a parent account in our BrightWheel online daycare system. Once you have your account, you can fill out the following forms:

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